About Us

Who are We?

We are retail entrepreneurs. We are able to offer advisory and applied skills in all areas of retail to our clients. We aim to provide a ‘one-stop’ platform for our retailers who gain a competitive advantage by using our network of professionals.

Managing Director


Neal has more than 15 years of retail background representing most categories including fashion, hardware, sports, entertainment, book retail and hospitality. Neal has managed large retail businesses operationally and developed a veritable ‘bible’ of retail solutions and best practice methodologies having personally pioneered many new retail systems. Neal brings all this know-how to this business and is able to advise retailers in all areas.




Nick is also a seasoned retailer who specialises in operations and training. Nick has compiled an impressive catalogue of training modules, techniques and intellectual property with specific emphasis on staff performance in the field of service delivery. Nick is an accomplished trainer and motivator and can revolutionise the service culture in any retail business.



Jon Frith

Jon  joined the team as managing partner  of the Pioneer Store Design division and has built an enviable portfolio of satisfied clients for whom he has designed and/ or built stores. Jon also has a retail and hospitality background at executive level and is able to deliver results under pressure. Jon is uniquely positioned to understand both the needs and frustrations of retailers, and deliver solutions as a consequence.




Brian is a chartered accountant with over 20 years’ experience in publishing and retail at executive level. Brian specialises in transacting businesses as an intermediary as well as securing funding for retail business transactions, from start-ups to re-selling to buy outs. As a shareholder in Pioneer Retail Solutions, Brian adds invaluable commercial skills and tactical ability.